Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bird Hunting and Camping

Well it's time to prep the camper for the two month bird hunting craziness. As usual you have the leaks in the roof, places where mice have been and dishes to do. One thing I did not count on was last years menu still being in the fridge! I can't believe old Scoot made me forget this when we came home from last season. After a 2 hr. scrub all is well. I'm really not sure what was growing in there but it would probably cure some rare tropical disease. Filsons are ready, new beeper collar arrived, looks like the games can begin.
The Judge

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

German Shorthair Training

At the very out set of this blog me & Scoot decided it would not be another how to train your pointer or some blog about paid for hunts. This is about two guys that have been at this in the Wisconsin North woods for well over 20 years. We wanted the humor and real life experiences we faced over the years with these wonderful dogs.

I just can't resist giving you a little training tip for the Shorthairs. In this training segment please take note of how to train your dog to be a good camping companion. A picture is worth a thousand words. Need I add more!

Bird Hunting Meetings

Seems like every year we have our pre-season meetings to kind of plan when to haul the camper up North and to get some what organized. These meetings always start with beer in hand. We do actually get some things planned, but for the most part it turns into a high light film from other seasons. By the time the meeting is over (beer is gone) your stomach is sore from laughing and your feeling pretty good. The Pointers like these meetings as well, they get all the snacks they want and the ear scratchin' is never ending.
The Judge

Wolves & Rangey German Shorthairs

Seems like old Scoot is at it again, always bashing my some what rangey Shorthairs. Just because they get out there a bit is no reason to call them rangey. On a few occasions I may have had some minor location problems. It really doesn't take me that long to find them, usually. Just drop a pork chop, they will show up in no time. I think he is a rangey hunter, so there!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hunting in Wolf Neighborhoods

I read an article in the Green bay paper and I am including a link of interest to all bird hunters. It will email you with a report of wolf attacks on hunting dogs and pets.
A heads up on what areas the wolves have been in lately can only help. I recommend signing up for this email especially if you have rangy pointers like the Judge has.,