Thursday, October 22, 2009

Smiling Shorthairs

This is how I know for sure the Woodcock flights are in. When Dan smiles in the back of the truck you will need some extra shells. Now where did he go this time. Does anybody make electronic bells for the old die hards?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

German Shorthair Screen Savers

Help yourself to a German Shorthair Screen Saver. No game farm here or planted birds. This is the real thing in Northern Wisconsin Grouse & Woodcock habitat.
Pick your favorite from previous posts. Just click on one and save it!
The Judge

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wore out bird hunter

The way I see it is:
20 year old Browning Upland Special
Broke in Double Tins, nearly 20 years old, took 15 to do it.
Rangey German Shorthairs
One wore out huntin' buddy
Cold Beer
Cool October weather
The sounds of Geese flying South
And some prime Grouse & Woodcock Cover, yes there is a dog on point and a hunter in the picture.
In Heaven It's always October.
The Judge

Woodcock & Grouse hunting

Once again I was forced to take out those rangey Shorthairs. Why does my life have to be so difficult, I go bird hunting every day with those pointers, have a couple beers when I'm done and then I have to clean the damn things. Life is so unfair to me. This is the "Southern Belle" one of our old cagey Shorthairs on point again. Almost out of shells again, Another dilemma I'm faced with. Maybe bird season should be shorter, NOT!
The Judge

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grouse & Grouse Shooting

Another day out in the woods in N. Wisconsin. Seen plenty of birds, missed six and got one. Covered a lot of ground today. I need a cold Bud Light. Check out the tattered Filsons & the tattered hunter.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hillbilly Brown Dogs

I just don't understand, what is so hard about seeing the liver colored shorthairs.
After a little bit of a search I found the "Southern Belle" on point. I missed the grouse, the photo session is to blame, of course. I know most of you don't have to search because of electronics, I just like the sound of the bells. Just a old die hard bird hunter.
The Judge.

Dan the Shorthair

Here is our newest addition to our Pointer family. A pure Hillhaven German Shorthaired Pointer. I'm always being bashed for hunting those "Liver" colored shorthairs. Well it snowed here yesterday and the only pointers you could see were the "Hillbilly Brown Dogs" as Scooter refers to them. I think old Dan is figuring this bird hunting thing out.
The Judge

Woodcock are where you find them

Here is a picture of some prime Grouse and Woodcock habitat. I was down in here today chasing Woodcock, got a few too. This type of cover is typical of the areas we hunt in Northern Wisconsin. I'm quite sure you could catch some native Brook Trout in here as well. This area was covered with snow yesterday! Enjoy the scenery for now. More posts are on the way, too tired right now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pointer Puppies

Watching the Puppy Work
Few things warm the cockles of a Bird dog man’s heart more than watching his puppy start to come around. Those first few points in the field are more exciting than dropping a double. Sophie the dog in the foreground wasn’t honoring Frieda’s point (Frieda is the white dog you can barely see behind the tree). She moved by and when the scent hit her she spun and locked up. They both held for two pictures and then I stepped in and flushed the bird.

Sophie is my wife’s dog. We were out to dinner one evening and she spied some pointer pups for sale on a bulletin board. She acted like a small child; can I have one, please please, they are so cute and on and on. I told her we needed to do some research, check out bloodlines and such. It used to be easy, just call the Hills and take the puppy that liked you. Now you have to do some home work. After a few cocktails and some more pleading I relented, hey, I was having trouble deciding what to get her for our Anniversary anyway. She tracked down a guy on the internet with a ready to go pup that fit the bill and Sophie was part of the family. She looks like she is going to be a good hunter.


Friday, October 2, 2009


This is a mid day break at bird camp. We had a couple of Woodcock and grouse from the morning hunt so it was time for a snack. Being stranded up in the North woods of Wisconsin forces you to rough it a bit, so the best we could do for a little snack was grilled Shrimp and a couple cold beers. Oh well, we survived it, wasn't easy though. I made sure Scoot didn't screw them up from my lawn chair. The shrimp turned out to perfection, thanks to my administrative skills.
The Judge

Bird Hunting Trinkets

Well just as I figured, poor little Tavern Granny was once again sucked in. As I mentioned on my last post about Scoot getting many undeserved bird hunting gifts, he conned his wife again. This time he really raised the bar, he suckered her into buying him a 29 foot camper w/ all the goodies. What the hell, poor little thing works 12 hrs. a day, she might as well spend the cash. We have some great photos of last weeks adventure into the Wisconsin's north woods with our shorthairs. One thing I found out is, grilling shrimp at the campsite is a must.
The Judge