Wednesday, November 30, 2011

German Shorthair Puppies And Kennels.

It's about time I get around to showing you some of the Shorthair kennels that I have found to be of the highest quality. These are ones that their dogs have produced champions or are champions. A friend of mine, Patricia Elstrodt, from New York  happens to be one of those people. Patricia is the owner of Lovecraft German Shorthaired Pointers. Here is a photo of a recent litter, if you happen to be in the market for a top quality German Shorthair, follow the link, I'm sure Patricia will be able help you select that perfect puppy.

Grouse Feather Christmas Ornaments

A freind of mine makes these. So all you Grouse hunters out there may want to save a few feathers and have one done up for your tree!

Seize the Day: Harry Loves Grouse 2011: Harry Loves Grouse 2011 Christmas Ornament Gotta thank a friend for sending me grouse feathers without them this ornament would not have b...

German Shorthair Breeder Information

I have decided to add some posts about some of the breeders I know. I'll be giving you back round info as to why they do it, what type of things they do ie. field trials, shows ect. A history on their lines and why they decided to get into breeding. Of course puppy pictures for all of us to enjoy.
If you have an interest in dog breeding let me know, we can fit you on here too.
Stay tuned, the cutest puppy contest is on it's way, we will be on face book looking for your photo.

Tails from the Trail: Ticks in Toronto!

Here is an interesting blog I found. The publisher of it became a member of our blog so I had to have a look at Emily's. She has some good info. and interesting reading. Take a minute to have a look, I think you will enjoy it.

Monday, November 28, 2011

German Shorthair Silver Beads

Today we received our German Shorthair bead from Carol DeBenedet owner of  Silvermist Beads. I cannot begin to desrcibe its beauty. These beads are of the absolute highest quality I have ever seen in an item like this. Now to find a chain to compliment it, I'm sure my wife Krisy will come up with something. If you're thinking about a necklace or charm bracelet for the Shorthair lover in your family, you cannot go wrong. Add them to your show leads as well. Carol has many other items to select from and other dog breeds as well. So go ahead and play Santa Clause at Silvermist Beads this year. This link will get you there fast!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

German Shorthair Art

I always enjoy looking at art work of hunting dogs in action. These paintings by Bob Bertram are some that I think you will really enjoy. The detail is outstanding and his paintings have a way of coming to life. He has many of the hunting breeds represented, I just favor the Shorthairs, hard to believe. Take a few minutes to look at his gallery, and you will see what I mean. Bob's paintings are available in limited addition prints as well. I have added a link for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Show And Hunting Dog Leads

Here are some really nice looking dog leads and lanyards made by artist Bob Bertram. They are hand braided and knotted Kangaroo leather. There are many colors and styles to choose from as well. So if you happen to be looking for that special gift, this may be a great place to shop. Have a look at the slide show too, it's well worth your time. Did I mention the artwork Bob has available? Now you must take a look. Here is the link to the leads.

More Custom Collars By Marc Oliver Saddlery

This gorgeous collar was made at Marc Oliver Saddlery for their German Shorthair. It just shows you the unmatched craftsmanship that goes into their products. I had to post this for you to see. Absolutely gorgeous.

Custom Made Dog Collars

I prefer the leather dog collars when I'm not out hunting. They have a much richer look and last a life time. So after doing some searching, these are by far the best ones yet.
Here are some of the finest dog collars I have ever seen. These are all hand made in right in Colorado. Made from the finest leather and hand tooled. You can also buy custom dog leads to go with your collar, but that's not all. At Marc Oliver Saddlery you can find custom saddles & all the accessories. 
So just follow the link to Marcs.
This website is really worth taking a look at for all your leather needs.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sterling Silver Dog Bone Charms

Now these are about the coolest dog charms I have ever seen.  The best description I can give you is the one Carol has on her website.

Keepsake Bones are designed with a small compartment to hold a few pinches of ashes, a lock of hair or other momento and permantly sealed with a Sterling Silver screw for secure closure. Easily slips onto a necklace, lanyard or keychain phob. Engraving of your pets name is included. Your Pets name will be hand engraved with a classic style that will last  a life time.

Doggie Yard Sale, German Shorthair Items For Sale

Do you have some dog items you would like to sell? Looking for a special dog related item ? This may be a good place to visit. I belong to this group on Facebook and have seen some really nice things for sale. Best of all it's free! They only ask that you don't sell pets on their page. It's a great group to belong to, a lot of dog lovers to be friends with as well. What are you waiting for, have a peek.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

German Shorthair Silver Jewelry

Every once in a while I run across a truly unique item, and this ranks right at the top. These jewels are absolutely spectacular. These designs were done by award winning Master jeweler Carol DeBenedet of Silvermist Jewelry. You can get keep sake bones, beads for show leads, bracelets and the list goes on. Custom designed jewelry is also available. These are true masterpieces. Many breeds are represented in Carol's designs. So check out the link provided, you'll be glad you did.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Made Dog Treat Recipe Book

Looking for that hard to find Christmas gift for some one? Have I got a deal for you. My friend Diana Wise has a dog treat recipe book. Now you and your dog can hang out in the kitchen and make a batch of treats. Kind of like having the kids around when you made cookies. This is a dog lovers dream come true. You can see this on facebook. All the info is there. Here is the link:

Friday, November 18, 2011

German Shorthair Breeding

We all have had the dream of breeding our Shorthairs and selling pups and so on. I have seen my share of "Back Yard" breeders and for the most part really don't know what they are doing to the breed. The true professional breeder actually maintains the breed's standards. There are very few people who I know that ever reach this level of excellence. The knowledge of pedigrees is an art in itself. The effort and love for these dogs is unsurpassed by the true pro. So if you think you have what it takes, have a look at this site to make sure your commitment is equal.

German Shorthair Field Trials

I never had a post on field trials, so I guess now is a good time for it. For one, I know very little about them. We all have seen pedigrees with the Ch or DCH and other abbreviations that look like hieroglyphics to us. From these dogs come some of the finest bird dogs to own. My dogs have all come from lines of champions and have been great family companions as well as hunters. Would you like to try the field trial scene with your dog? Here is a place to start. These folks at Palm Glades Kennel can supply you with the right dog to get you started. Of course I added their link.

Ric Oestreich

Hey check out this shopping sale. Great deals for Christmas.

Ric Oestreich Cabella's Black Friday Sale

German Shorthairs from Slovania

Here is another breeder whom I believe is one you will find interesting, all the way from Slovania. Tina has some of the finest pointers I have seen. The care and time these people put in is amazing and so are their dogs. I like adding these far away breeders so you can get a feel for their culture and just how important their dogs are to them. Just follow the link to Slovania.

German Shorthair Breeders

We haven't done much here on breeders. I would like to add a few for you that I have found to be of the highest standard. This particular breeder is from Romania. Kind of shows you how popular the Shorthair is world wide.
I have included a link to their website for your viewing. Check out the photo and you will be able to see the quality of their dogs.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

German Shorthair Field Trials

For those of us that may be giving some thought to field trials, this website has all the info, you could ask for. They are also on Facebook, so you can follow all the updates Here is the link to their website, enjoy!

Show Dog Leads by Laura

It's just amazes me at some of the skills people have, only due to my lack of them I guess. A friend of mine makes these gorgeous show leads. I thought you should have a look at these, all hand made with care and quality. I personally would walk my dog around town just to show off, who needs a show. If you are showing your dog these should be a great addition. Get this, Laura will also make you matching jewelry, this should put you in envy of the entire crowd and handlers. I have included the link for your shopping and viewing pleasure of course.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

German Shorthair Jewelry

Now how cool is this? Hand made pointer jewelry, it's a gotta have for sure. I am getting one for a Christmas present from Santa. Laura has many designs to choose from. So if you want that special and unique gift for some one, this is it. Here is the link to go shopping.

Spoiling Your Shorthair.

This post was inspired by a friend of mine on facebook. We were joking around about feeding your dog with a fork, your fork! So now the question is, how many of us are secretly doing this? I had to confess. My wife taught them table manners believe it or not. So now when we are at "Camp Shorthair" the dogs enjoy the fine China. Do you do this too? I bet you do. So next time you have a dinner party, which guest will be eating off the puppies fork, try to keep a straight face.

Shorthair Nap Time

This is a friend of mine, her dogs napping right after breakfast. Why is it those darn German Shorthairs have to sleep in a pile. Ours do the same thing. If you have a "Shorthair Breakfast Pile" send me your photo so we can get it on. Or if you have a good story you would like to share with others I would be happy to post it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Buying a German Shorthaired Pointer

What do we really know about this subject? I have been very fortunate to get great family pets along with good  bird dogs with all my Shorthairs. I think most of us look at the pedigree and see a lot of things on it we really don't know the meaning of. Well this evening I was fortunate enough to chat with a lady who really knows her stuff on this subject. She shows her Shorthairs and also field trials them with excellent results. I thought it would be interesting for you readers to have a look at Ann's accomplishments, impressive to say the least.

Dog Seat Covers

I found this cool item while doing some window shopping on Filson's website. It really seems practical and easy to use. No more worries about stains and stuff on the seats. Looks like it installs super easy.

German Shorthairs From Romania

I have been asking friends if I can post pictures of their Shorthairs on my blog for others to see. Here is a wonderful Shorthair from Romania that is competing over there. Only 3 months old and already has some titles to show, amazing. A gorgeous dog for sure. Here are some of its accomplishments to date.

Grimm Hunting Trophy - 3 months old
(IntCh Ari Hunting Trophy & RoJCh Ennya du Nid aux Nobles)
Handler: Zsombor Antal
— at Hunting Trophy Kennel.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ladies Pink Camo Mossberg Shotgun

Check out this feather weight shotgun for the ladies. Weighs in at just over 5lbs. Perfect for some one who would like an economical bird gun. My wife has had back surgery and carrying a seven pound gun around all day is too much for her. The stock is adjustable, another nice feature. A nice gun at an affordable price, great for some one just starting or the kids.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

German Shorthair Photos

Lately I have seen some great photos of friends German Shorthairs. I would like to dedicate some space for these great pictures of all the things those goofy dogs do. Such as sleeping in a pile like Ann's are doing here. If you would like to have your Shorthair photo on this crazy blog let me know. I will be happy to post it along with your story.

Lady Grouse Hunters

I thought this would be a cool photo to add for the girls. My wife Krisy started hunting Grouse this year and she had a blast. I had a great time as well, I always hunted with the guys. It was refreshing to see some one with so much determination and new ideas as to where the Grouse are hiding today. It seems the ladies take a more scientific approach by paying more attention to detail. Yes it's true fellas, the girls are good and the dogs love them.

Browning® Upland Canvas Pants for Men | Bass Pro Shops

Browning® Upland Canvas Pants for Men | Bass Pro Shops
This is probably the best deal out there for an upland bird hunting pants. I use these for Grouse & Woodcock. Northern Wisconsin Grouse cover is brutal and these pants are up for the challenge. Super comfortable and generous sizing plus durability. Can't ask for anything more.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Group for German Shorthair Owners

I belong to this group on facebook. Really a nice bunch of people along with a ton of information and photos. If you happen to be a shorthair nut this might be a place for you to visit with other owners and breeders ect.

German Shorthair Information

I found this story on facebook. A friend of mine posted the link so I thought I would share it. It's a nice article on shorthairs. Hope you like it.

Grouse Hunting Clothing

I just thought it would be kind of fun to show my old worn Filson Double Tins and my worn Redwing Irish setter boots. Niether of these items are made from the high tech material that is out there today. These items are 20 years old and have hunted Grouse, Woodcock and Pheasant plus many other outdoor activities such as logging and maple syrup making up here in Wisconsin's North country.

Two Way Grouse Point

German Shorthair Grouse point
Here is a predicament I found myself in more than once this season, dogs pointing in opposite directions. Which point do you go after first. There were two Grouse, I missed both, but the photo was worth every bit of it. It' hard to set the gun down to take the pic. but it's a great time sharing it with you.

Lady Bird Hunters

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Humorous Blog About German Shothairs

When we decided to start this blog about our adventures with our shorthairs, we decided not to make it about training and breeding or sales. We just want to share some of our fun in the Wisconsin North woods with these wonderful dogs. We are not breeders or field trialers, just bird hunters. On here we will be posting many of our travels this bird season with the dogs. So stay tuned, we have many more articles to post and some great hunting photos as well. Thanks for stopping by.

Outdoor Cooking With German Shorthairs

When your at bird camp it's hard not to have some help at the grill. Our pointers are very good cooks, at least that's what they think. It sometimes is hard for Krisy to get dinner done with all the help. Keep an eye on the help too, things seem to disappear from the menu.

Camp Shorthair

This is bird camp for us this year. Located in the Wisconsin Northwoods. From here we travel the area to some of our favorite hot spots for Grouse and Woodcock. This year has been especially warm, but the birds are plentiful. The dogs love the camping as much as we do.